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"My session with Dee was the catalyst to what has been, I believe, the best year of my life.
I’ve been coming Home to myself in the deepest and most lasting ways."
Kendra Davis



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Dee Montie

Dee is an Intuitive Shamanic Healer offering herself as a conduit to your connection with the wisdom and healing nature of your Spirit Guides.

With the power and magic of our intentions and collaboration with Spirit, we create healing and balance through messages of eternal wisdom and energetic healing.

Discover what you need to move forward in your life, and begin!



“My sessions with Dee have been insightful and empowering. It is truly like no other energy work I have ever done before. Dee’s calm and welcoming presence made me immediately comfortable to relax into and share my experience. The sessions have grounded me and given me clear, calm direction in the areas of not just my health, but also my business. Dee helps you turn down the volume of the distractions of life and encourages you to listen deeply in a powerful and impactful way.”
Dee Montie Intuitive Shamanic Healer
Gillian Goerzen
“I was not 100% sure what to expect with an Intuitive Shamanic Healing Session, but I was intrigued and felt completely safe under the care of Dee. She creates a sacred and nurturing space for true healing to occur. She has a unique way of channeling Spirit and identifying where blockages exist. My first session with Dee was so powerful and I physically felt the healing in my solar plexus occurring. I would highly recommend Dee to anyone who resonates with natural healing.”
Dee Montie Intuitive Shamanic Healer
Bahia Askri Makhoul
“I had the most magical remote healing session with Dee! I was worried the 2000 miles in between us would be an issue, but Dee was able to tap into what was happening in my body. She knew exactly what I was experiencing on a physical level, but more powerfully, she is able to connect with Spirit & Source. Dee is a link to a realm that goes far beyond our physical bodies, and she shares that power with her clients. It was extremely moving and I can’t wait for another session!”
Dee Montie Intuitive Shamanic Healer
Becky Keen
Nova Scotia

Musings by Dee

Spirit Message Monday - April 26, 2021

Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or distracted by life’s details? Listen to the whispers of wisdom from your soul on how to move forward in life.

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I highly recommend Dee to anyone who would like help communicating with their guides and/or higher self. Dee is grounded and genuine. Not only is the information I receive during a reading accurate and true for me, but energy moves and I have significant shifts after readings. Dee is a teacher I feel blessed to have crossed paths with. I will definitely utilize her abilities again. Thank you Dee, from the bottom of my heart
Chris Sanderson

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Since you’re here, I’m willing to bet you have a sneaking suspicion that intuition is real. That it’s probably going to help fill the void that comes with the thought, “There’s got to be something more to this life.”

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