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This look my dog is displaying is how my body has felt all week. I have been recalibrating, recovering, and rebalancing from a four-hour time zone change. Someone told me it takes a full day for each hour/zone you zoomed through in the plane, high above the vast country. If that’s correct, I should feel …

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Last night, I landed back home, on the West Coast, after spending nearly two weeks in the Maritimes. This morning, I woke up at 3am and enjoyed my tea amidst the view of thick morning fog, and the odd, sleepy stares from my pooch, Wanaka. I scratched her ears and said, “But I slept in …

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How strong do you think you are? Take that and quadruple it. And then double that. And then multiply that by infinity. You are strong beyond your mind’s beliefs! Now… What are you stuck on? What are you holding back on because you *think* you may not be strong enough to do it, say it, …

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The hooting outside was heard as I was digging out my pyjamas, getting ready for bed. Brian and I both looked up at each other and raced out to our back deck to see what we could see. Another classic owl call. And super close…. And another. This new phone has a new night vision …

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