Musings from Spirit

Writings + Pictures + Videos from our year long adventure 2022


Here’s Walter, our adventure mascot, making himself at home in Ira’s bed. Never a dull moment around here.

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Pussy Willows

These fuzzy things bewilder me. I love them. And they make me think of my friend, Erin. Does this mean spring is coming?

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View Points

View points. Points of view. Small, green ball of light that follows me in my pictures from Nanaimo to Nelson. Pointing. Glowing. Showing me one

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Anyone else?

Apparently, we’ve met nearly everyone we ‘know’ or ‘knew’ on the chairlift at the ski hill.  Back story fill-in can be found on the blog

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One doesn’t need to go far out of town to see the stars. In fact, you can see the stars pretty well from within town,

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Walking the dog tonight, I saw lots of lines. Lines of a bike (above). And lines of shadows on buildings.  For some reason, lines stood

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Not only did I wake up to a (very welcomed) white wonderland when pulling back the curtains, but Spirit’s intention for me today was an

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Spirit Message Monday - Asking for what you need

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