Musings from Spirit

Writings + Pictures + Videos from our year long adventure 2022

Feather Forest

I was looking up an address on Google Maps and I couldn’t help but notice the shape of a feather show up in the apparent

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Cute.Dirty.Feet. Adorable comes in many shapes and sizes, and sometimes before coffee.

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En Français

Brushing up on the French I learned in Grade Six. All in honour of homeschooling Ira, writing out phrases that may be helpful should we

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Take Your Time

Patience is not typically my thing. I’m not sure if that’s cuz I’m an Aries, or what. My typical motto is, “Get’er done, and be

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Go Wild

‘Go Wild?’ What does that mean as an intention for today? Spirit invites me to consider abandoning the things that roll around in my head

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Change your focus

When I focus on one thing, that one thing gets my energy. When I’m scattered, and ‘sort-of-focus’ on lots of things, those things get my

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Spirit Message Monday - Asking for what you need

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