Musings from Spirit

Writings + Pictures + Videos from our year long adventure 2022

Morning Routines

My fam-jam left our home in Nanaimo, BC in late December, and have been nestled in the small mountain town of Nelson, BC for two

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AST Level 1

Avalanche Safety Training Level One. Thanks to Kootenay Backcountry Guides for an incredible experience. I still get tomorrow too!! Stoked!

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We have our own, personal calculator. He’s 10, and fairly reliable. Homeschooling win. Mama won, btw.

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Epic Powder

Locals say this was epic, once every ten years kind of dump of snow.  We heard up to 65cm in some places, all OVERNIGHT. No

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Night Walk II

We spent an hour and a half strolling the streets of Nelson, playing around in oodles of powder (higher than my knees!) and drooling at the

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Spirit Message Monday - Asking for what you need

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