Intuitive Shamanic Healing

Healing must start from within.
Dee’s role is to help you look deeply toward your own being, your soul, and connect you with your intuition to help you discover your unique path to an engaging and joyful life.

"Working with Dee has given me true insight and has left me feeling empowered. It is truly like no other energy work I have ever done before."
- G.G.


Intuitive Healings

Private 1:1 sessions & Supportive packages

Private Sessions

Do you feel like everyone else is trying to tell you how to be you? You're following all the rules, but something's just not right?

Reconnect with the only guidance that matters:

Your inner wisdom, your intuition. 

It's easier than you think.

Dee Montie Intuitive Shamanic Healer
Dee Montie Intuitive Shamanic Healer

Your First Session

Discover what your intuition wants you to know about where you may be out of alignment with how you are living your life.

Receive tangible, simple invitations from your intuition on how to breathe new life into your ways of being, both personally and professionally.

You will leave your first session with a sense of ease and spaciousness, and with elegant clarity about how to move forward. 


3-month support

Wanna learn how to tap into your own intuition?

Like, really learn?

Get dialed-in on how to receive your own intuitive nudges, amplified by the catalyst energy of Dee's expansive intuition. 

Play in a supported, safe space with the expertise of Dee to help explain and integrate as you explore your intuition, energy and spirit.

Learn how to weave this intuitive magic into your daily life, creating a sense of alignment and ease with everything, even the chaos.

Feel nourished within 3-months of integrative, intuitive support.

I am all in
Dee Montie Intuitive Shamanic Healer

who is this for?

You desire healing in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual manners.

You are feeling constricted by the chaos of life, and want to feel expansive and free. 

You want to experience a deeper connection to intuition, energy, and spirit.

Dee Montie Intuitive Shamanic Healer

What will you receive?

Dee acts as a conduit for you to receive healing, wisdom and clarity from your own intuition and your spiritual guides and allies. These energies — your soul essence, spiritual allies, animal essences, ancestors, and earthly elements — literally come through Dee just for you, in your session.

Each session is unique to the guidance and direction of your intuition and spiritual allies. Depending on what you would like to receive, spirit offers through Dee exactly what you need from energetic healing, therapeutic touch, energetic rituals, and direct messages from spirit. Nothing is ever planned – it’s all based on moment to moment collaboration with Spirit. That’s where all the magic can unfold…

intuitive shamanic tools that may be used within a session include:

  • Healing touch, energetic healing of your physical body and energetic aura layers
  • Clarity on situations in your life using 3-intuitive centres (gut, heart, third eye)
  • Past-life healing and soul retrieval (reconnecting fragments of your soul that leave your essence during traumatic experiences)
  • Cutting cords of energetic dependencies (relationships, addictions, limiting beliefs, and more)
  • Shamanic journeying for symbolic wisdom
  • Connecting you with your own spiritual allies (spirit beings, ancestors and animal spirits)
  • Receiving healing rituals offered to you from spirits acting through Dee
  • Ancestral healing
  • Being freed from entities (releasing spirits that may be latched on to you)
  • Support and guidance through your own shamanic initiation
    (spiritual/life crises), and more.


I was raw, completely cracked open, and full of debilitating grief.

Dee served as a divine and deeply caring conduit to the lessons I needed to learn and helped me surrender to the ways that Spirit was holding me, and tune into the clues of where and how to move and flow.


10-Days of Self-Healing

Feeling like you need some self-care? Self-soothing?
But it needs to be more effective than a bath or a nap?
Try using your own hands to heal yourself.
Five minutes of effort each day can entirely change how you feel.

Sign up and discover ten ways to heal yourself using the energetic power in your own hands.

Dee Montie Intuitive Shamanic Healer

Follow along for 10-days, as you are guided through daily 5-min video experiences with Dee. 

You can add to your experience by exploring stories and comments from others and share what you sensed within the discussion space on the course platform. 

These healing skills are super simple, easy to follow, and incredibly powerful.

Fee: $33 CAD + 5% GST

“Wow... thank you so much for this... it awakened a playful kindness in me, softening my self judgement, opening me to become more tolerant, and show myself some mercy.”
T. Moore

Let go of needing other people to heal you - use your own hands!


Want to connect with your intuition?

But… not sure where to begin?
No worries, I got you covered.

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