Space & Land Healing

Shamanic Intuitive Healing for Buildings and Land

who is this for?

You have a sense that there is something energetically heavy in your space, or on your land, that leaves you feeling uneasy or constricted. Perhaps strange and unexplainable occurrences keep happening, and you want to know what’s going on and how to release the energy of it. Spirits (ghosts) may bothering you in your space or on your land.

Did you know that the energy of conversations or arguments can linger in your space?

These kinds of energies  can be unearthed, and then allowed to heal, transform, and finally release.
Allow your space to truly feel clear.

Dee Montie Intuitive Shamanic Healer

What will you receive?

Dee connects with the energies and essences in your space or on/within your land and works with them to bring about release or transformation.

When Dee heals spaces or land, animals and people alike will feel more free and at ease. This will make room for, and invite more, abundant and joyful energy to you and your space.


• 60-min $400 CAD + 5% GST
• Both On-site and Remote (Zoom Call) Space Healing appointments available
• Locations more than a 30-min drive from Nanaimo will have an additional travel fee applied

My tenant shared with me weird stories about a ghost in the house bothering her son. Things were falling off shelves with no logical explanation. Dee came and connected to the spirit and helped release it. We now know why it was here, what it needed, and let it go. There hasn’t been an issue since.

K. Kirstein

Clear out and heal the energy of your space so you and the space feel more free.

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Since you’re here, I’m willing to bet you have a sneaking suspicion that intuition is real. That it’s probably going to help fill the void that comes with the thought, “There’s got to be something more to this life.”

You want to connect with it.
But you’re not sure where to begin.

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