Embrace Your Intuition


Feeling uninspired?
Stuck in doubt and indecision?
Can't figure out how to fix it?


who is this for?

You’re done second-guessing yourself on life decisions, and don’t want to hire an intuitive every time you need guidance. You’re running out of money for all that sage advice.

You have a sense that intuition is real. But you’re unsure how to tap in. You don’t know how to release the doubt that chimes in saying, “This is silly. This can’t work.”

You’ve read books about intuition or tried other trainings, but their one-size-size-fits-all tools and methods didn’t seem to work. They just didn’t fit for you. “Why isn’t this working?!

You’re keen to get schmoozy with your intuition. Learn your own intuitive language. Have tea with it. Engage with it. And you want it to be easy. (Psst… It gets to be easy.)

“Working with Dee and connecting to my own intuition has given me true insight and has left me feeling empowered.
I use my intuition every day!”
– Gillian Goerzen

What will you receive?

Gain reliable clarity and anchor your confidence with your intuitive connections beyond what you can do on your own.

Sidestep the feelings of being alone on your spiritual journey. Join us to feel a sense of belonging, and dial up your intuitive connections in ways that will blow your mind. And you’ll probs make some new friends too.

Dee Montie Intuitive Shamanic Healer

Online course details

Sign up for this 4-week online course to learn how to connect with your intuition, how to ask questions to your intuition,
and how to interpret ‘yes & no’ answers.


  • Meet your guide, Dee. 
  • Get a handle on how the course is delivered. 
  • Taste the flavour of what life could be like when you’re dialed into your intuition.

  • Learn why it’s awesome to ask questions to your intuition. 
  • Understand the differences between Energy, Spirit, & Intuition. 
  • Discover how Dee got into this Spirit gig.
  • Insider scoop on ‘How truthful is Intuitive Wisdom?’ 
  • Stories of when Intuition had Dee’s back. 
  • The basics on getting in touch with your intuition.
  • Check out ways to connect outside of your body, and using your body as a tool.
  • Hear about the different ways Spirit speaks to Dee.
  • Make your own pendulum.
  • Dial in on clear and appropriate boundaries for energy, spirit and intuition.
  • Learn how your intuition wants to show you a clear ‘yes’ and a ‘no’ when you ask questions.

  • Learn how to phrase your questions to intuition so you get clear answers.
  • Practice your craft. 
  • Decipher the difference between four kinds of answers you may receive.
  • Open to the possibilities of much more connection and ways to sense your intuition
  • Download and print your complete 63-page workbook, so you can refer back when you need some inspiration and guidance.
  • Full of juicy goodness with videos an PDF’s of how to ground and cleanse your energy, how to set up sacred space, and questions you can use with your intuition.
Dee Montie Intuitive Shamanic Healer

I feel so supported by my intuition now, and truly love the guidance I receive when I ask questions. I can’t imagine living without this skill.

I’m so grateful this for this course because now this connection is here with me forever forward.

T. Woods - Embrace your intuition Participant

Hop on the intuition train!

Move through the online lessons on your own time, and have opportunities to ask questions and share your experiences with Dee.


  • 4-week online training
  • Start any time
  • Course is drip-delivered over four weeks, but take as long as you need to finish
  • Come back to any lesson or guided experience to review
  • Access to the course remains for one year


  • All course modules, downloads and bonus materials
  • PLUS individualized guidance from Dee through the private online discussion space


  • $597 CAD + 5% GST
  • Payment plan available
  • Option to add private healing sessions with Dee to amplify your clarity & progress and help remove obstacles

Frequently Asked Questions

No problem! Everyone has intuition, and I mean everyone. This program takes you through a wholistic progression from getting a sense of what energy and intuition is, to boundaries, to how to ask questions to intuition, to what different answers may mean, and more. This course is totally newbie-friendly. When you’re done, you’ll definitely no longer be a newbie.

If you’re unsure, book a free Discovery Call with Dee to have a quick chat about the training and your concerns. 

Even if your intuition is clear for you in some ways, do you have the ability to ask questions to your intuition and receive clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers, right in the moment you need it? If you would like to develop this specific skill, then this course is for you. If you’ve already got one or two ways to receive answers from your intuition, you will likely discover a few more methods that will work consistently for you. Consider this an opportunity for expansion of your intuitive skills.

Most weeks will take less than an hour to read the lesson material and watch the videos. There are homework ideas offered to you as well. These aren’t a requirement of the training, but the more you try on the things you are learning during the week, the more they will stick, or become clear for you. 

This course will help you discover at least one method of connecting to your intuition to receive clear and consistent ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers. Once you have one method, you can dial that in with practice, and then begin to expand into new ways. If you’re having trouble connecting to your intuition, you can ask for help within the course discussion pages, and you can connect with Dee to see if a short, private session may be helpful (a reduced-fee for private sessions apply). There are no refunds or exchanges for this training program.

Yep! It can be extremely helpful to complement the training with private healing sessions with Dee. Since you’re registered in the online training, you get access to two private sessions with Dee for 20% off the regular fee. This offer is valid for up to two private sessions within six months of program start date. Click here to set up your appointment.

Yep! When you click to purchase, you’ll have the option of choosing to pay all at once, or to pay equal installments over a defined number of months. If the options don’t work for you, please connect with Dee to discuss alternate payment plans, or whether a sliding scale option is possible.

You get access to the training material for up to one year from the start date. You can go back over that year and rewatch any of the videos and participate in online training discussions. At the end of the training, you will receive a free, downloadable PDF guidebook. This will be useful for review and continuing expanding your ways to connect to your intuition.

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