Empathic Being. Compassionate Listener. Lover of Nature. These qualities have always been deeply and authentically embedded in my being, and although my path has not been a straight line with a planned or certain outcome, these qualities are the thread that continues to intertwine all of my experiences. And the more I connect with these honest and powerful parts of myself, my path becomes more clear, with intention and meaning. As I look back on how I traveled to the present moment, it all makes more sense, it is all connected, and even though I could have done things differently, I still would have made it here, to this moment, to this place of healing myself.


The Gift of Spiritual Connection

I have received many gifts through my connections to the Earth, to Souls and Spirits around me, and to The Great Spirit. To assist my mind in understanding the gifts I have been given and how to use them, I undertook Shamanic trainings, which powerfully enhanced my authentic gifts, bringing expanding meaning and experience to my energy work with clients, but also to my own life. All of my experiences have deepened my connections to Soul, to Mother Earth, to Spiritual Energy. I am so grateful to all of my teachers, both seen and unseen, for being shown new ways of being and how to help myself and others heal through Spirit.

I currently offer Intuitive Shamanic Healing Sessions in Nanaimo, BC, where I live with my husband and son, and our dog, Wanaka.