Embrace Your Intuition

ENGAGING GROUP PROGRAM to clearly connect you to your intuition & WEAVE IT INTO YOUR DAILY LIFE

Are you unsure what your intuition looks like, what it feels like? And how to use it?

Does your intuition guide you sometimes, but you wish you could connect at any time?


Embrace your Intuition

Group online INTUITION program

who is this for?

You may be at a point in your life where you’re thinking, “There must be more to this life. I can feel it. What am I missing?”

You have a sense that intuition and spiritual energy is real, but you’re unsure how to tap in.

You may have tried other trainings or courses teaching you about intuition, but their specific tools didn’t seem to work – they didn’t fit for you.

You want to learn how your intuition wants to communicate with you, in your own unique ways.

"Working with Dee has given me true insight and has left me feeling empowered."

- Gillian Goerzen

How can I feel this too?
Dee Montie Intuitive Shamanic Healer

What will you receive?

Gain multiple methods of clear connection to intuition and learn how to use wisdom, visions, and signs to move you forward in life.

Learn new ways to connect to your own intuition, spiritual energy, guides and allies.

Connect with a group of like-hearted souls to help support and inspire each other.

Dee Montie Intuitive Shamanic Healer

Before Dee’s training, I couldn’t go out into big groups because i’d take on others people’s energy. But this doesn’t happen anymore. This intuitive training is truly LIFE CHANGING. 

Jill Colwell

Embrace your Intuition Participant


• 7-week online group program begins January 2023

• Seven weekly 90-min online gatherings
• Multiple guided experiences, and reflective prompts per week

• Connect with, and receive support from, a private online intuition community.

• Closing Ceremony + Certificate

$1800 CAD + 5% GST – Payment plans and Scholarships available

* Optional Add-on: two private sessions for $600 CAD + 5% GST

Frequently Asked Questions

No problem! Everyone has intuition, and I mean everyone. This program takes you through sensing energy and intuition, boundaries, how to ask questions to intuition, what different answers may mean, and more. Plus, Dee will be offering direct and unique messages & healing from Spirit during the weekly gatherings, and on the private online space. 

This is a great option for folks who know intuition is real and want to dive into how to connect and use it, regardless if you’re fairly new or have been dabbling in spirit and energy for a while. We will all benefit from each other’s energetic and spiritual gifts, no matter how skilled you feel you are.

If you’re unsure, book a free Discovery Call with Dee to have a quick chat about the program. 

Even if your intuition is clear for you in some ways, do you have the ability to ask questions to your intuition and receive clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers, right in the moment you need it?

Do you have a multitude of methods that help you receive or sense intuitive wisdom and guidance?

Do you connect with your intuition multiple times a day, or weave it into your daily life?

Are you feeling keen to expand your sense of energy and intuition and spiritual collaboration?

Do you want to belong to a group of wonderful folks exploring intuition?

If you would like to develop your intuitive nature to expand toward all of the above or even further, then this program is for you. 

We will be gathering once each week for 90-min. The gatherings will be on zoom, and will be recorded so you can catch the replay if you miss a call. 

There will also be brief guided experiences and prompts for you three to four times a week on our private online community space. These invitations will help you build consistency and validation.

This group program will only be offered once this year. The next iteration will be offered sometime in 2023. If you’re keen, I’d join us starting on May 9.

The program runs until June 23, and after that, you’ll be invited to keep the consistency flowing by joining a monthly membership to meet even more lovely intuitive souls who have been on a similar intuitive journey.

The calls will be recorded, and you can watch the replay, but you won’t be able to download or store the videos. You’ll only have access to view them until the group has finished at the end of June.

The benefit of being present during the weekly zoom calls is receiving live guidance and/or energetic healing from Dee (uniquely for YOU!), getting questions answered, and sharing what kinds of experiences you’ve been having during the week. It’s a rich experience, you don’t want to miss.

This program will undoubtedly help you connect to your intuition.

If you’re having trouble connecting, you can ask for help within the online community space or during one of the weekly zoom calls. That’s what Dee is there for – to help you release what’s blocking you from your own clear connection. Dee will also have some of her mentorship clients available to assist you. There is plenty of support to get you rolling on the intuition train.

It’s also possible to connect with Dee at any time during the program to see if a few private sessions may be helpful (fees apply for private sessions). There is a special private session rate offered to program participants: two private sessions with Dee for $600 CAD + 5% GST (saving you $200). 

There are no refunds or exchanges for this program once you have paid to hold your place.

If you’re still not sure, book a free call with Dee to have a chat. By the end of the brief conversation, you’ll have a validating experience to prove this is for you. 

Yep! It can be extremely helpful to complement the program with private healing sessions with Dee. 

As a participant, you have access to a special healing session rate: two private sessions for $600 CAD + 5% GST (Save $200). 

Private sessions will amplify your progress and healing. 

Yep! You have the option of choosing to pay all at once, or to pay equal instalments of $360 CAD + 5% GST per month for 5 months.

If these options don’t work for you, please connect with Dee to discuss alternate payment plans, or whether a sliding scale option is possible.

There is also one scholarship space available. Book a call to enquire.

Want to connect with your intuition?

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