What spirit offers you through Dee as a conduit is WHAT YOU NEED TO HEAR TO HEAL YOURSELF. This means the wisdom that comes through is not absolute truth, nor should it be used as literal truth which you use to make life decisions. Please use common sense when applying what you receive from Spirit to your life.

Dee Montie is not responsible for the consequences of your actions based on the guidance you receive through your intuition using the methods she describes in her website content, social media posts, private and group healings, courses and trainings. Dee Montie is not responsible for actions you take based on advice you follow from your intuition that may result in things happening in your life that you don’t like, or that may bring you injury, pain or suffering in any way.


Since you’re here, I’m willing to bet you have a sneaking suspicion that intuition is real. That it’s probably going to help fill the void that comes with the thought, “There’s got to be something more to this life.”

You want to connect with it.
But you’re not sure where to begin.

How about starting here by activating your own intuition with my free guide?