Last night, I landed back home, on the West Coast, after spending nearly two weeks in the Maritimes.

This morning, I woke up at 3am and enjoyed my tea amidst the view of thick morning fog, and the odd, sleepy stares from my pooch, Wanaka.

I scratched her ears and said, “But I slept in if you think about what time it is in Nova Scotia…”

She’s probably thinking, “What did she say? Is it time to poop?” ?

It’s time to write (because I’ve already pooped this morning).

I’ve been getting so many nudges from Spirit and from those I meet, especially in the last two weeks: ‘How’s your book coming along?’…

I’m using these questions as prompts, as inspiration to write my story.


Because it will help me come back HOME to myself, to heal myself. I feel like I need to read my own story. It will help me step out of wanting to be small to be safe. It will help me settle more fully into who I truly am.

It’s like the book itself is a living, breathing part of me and I need to birth it to allow this part of me to be on the outside as much as in, so I can become more expansive in my nature, my essence.

I’m getting a tad esoteric in this description, so Spirit is suggesting to me right now: ‘Write now.’

Okay, will do. One more tea first.



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