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For years, people told me I’d love Hawaii…  

I believed that Hawaii would be a beautiful place to visit, but I wasn’t really feeling that drawn to go… until my business coach, Becky Keen, shared that she was hosting a Spiritual Business Retreat on the Island of Oahu.

When I first heard about the retreat, I thought, “Nope. It’s gonna be too expensive. I just bought a mountain bike. My business is coming along and is good enough. There’s no way I’m going to Hawaii.”

My logical brain put up a good fight, but the deeper soul whispers kept coming in to my awareness. 

Go to Hawaii…. Go… It will move you forward in life…

Fast forward a few weeks, and with more than enough whispers and signs all pointing in the direction of Hawaii:

I conceded.

“Okay, but HOW? How is this going to work?”

Once I asked that question, it was like the ball of momentum began rolling and there was no turning back. In some way, I simply said, ‘YES’, and the rest fell into place. Quite seamlessly.

The best part: Once I said YES, I fully trusted that it would all work out


Now that I’m back, here’s the thing: I simply can’t imagine not having gone. It was like I was truly meant to be there on so many levels, and had I not gone,

I would have missed out on part of my own life: the path that wants to meet me as much as I’m walking toward it.

Here’s what I connected with during my time on the west coast of Oahu:

  • Sisterhood, community, love, friendship. These soul-sisters are my family now – I can’t even contain my gratitude for these women.
  • I called bull-shit on some pretty big self-limiting beliefs around money, expectations, and work-life balance; and pulled out some seriously motivating new truths to lead my life and business from now on. 
  • I left with expansive clarity on what my offers look like to support my clients, and created tangible steps to put it all into place and into my calendar. 

You know what this means?

[Insert super happy dance!]

LOVE IN ACTION is happening over here, and I couldn’t be more excited about it!



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