Intuitive Signs … at the grocery store?

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“Oh my gosh, this NEVER happens!” said the cashier. 
I looked up from packing my groceries in cloth bags to see what she meant. 
“Look! Your bill is $100.00 even!” she said with excited eyes. “I can’t believe it. I’ve been a cashier for a long time and I’ve never seen this,” she continued, “and you even bought weighed produce!”
I smiled in response and thought, Wow, this is pretty neat. I wonder if it’s a sign
The next morning, I glanced over at the ocean-side coffee shop I drive by every day on route to my son’s school and noticed that the street address number is 100
100 again… Another sign!
I don’t have to know what every sign means, and yet, when things stand out like this one, I feel like a little interview with Spirit could be helpful to uncover what the sign means for me. 
So, I settle into my space, connect with my intuition and spirit guides and ask, “What does ‘100’ mean?… Am I supposed to look at page 100 in one of my books?”
They respond by moving my head to the left indicating a clear ‘Nope.’
“What about making some goals for the next 100 days. Is that it?” I persist.
“Am I going to figure this out? Like, today?” I ask, trying not to sound at all desperate (see how patient I am?).
I sit back in my chair. My thoughts go to a place where I remember being shown that my mind can’t figure things out and find all the solutions by itself. It’s too limiting on its own. I need to allow my heart in on this game of life. 
Aiiiiiii…” says my intuition.This is the sound spirit makes through me when the answer to my question is ‘yes’. And when it’s prolonged like that instead of a quick ‘Ai’, it’s like they are saying to me, Ahhh, yes, now you’re getting it…. 
I already know the answer before I ask “So, I should ask my heart what 100 means?”
Spirit nudges my head to nod forward, which means ‘yes’.
I take their advice. 
What appears as an answer is a vision in my mind’s eye of two scales: a scale that goes from one to ten, and another that goes from one to 100. The smaller scale seems limiting. The larger scale feels somehow more appropriate for my life, for what I’m meant to do, who I’m meant to be. It’s as if my heart is saying to me:
Don’t limit yourself. Go big. We don’t want to be a 10, we want to be a 100!! We’ve got space for it all. Let’s do this!
I feel my spirit guides ‘high five’ in agreement with my heart wisdom. 
Honestly, this links in perfectly with some of the resolutions that have been floating within my awareness for the last few weeks. I’d like to…
Here’s the thing: 
I’m a great ideas gal, and I even get part way down the road making concrete action toward these fabulous ideas that are trying to become part of my limitless potential, but my typical pattern is to get overwhelmed or distracted, then momentum takes a hit and the idea settles into dust and doesn’t come to fruition and I feel deflated.
This sounds like the most disastrous setup for someone who works for themselves, and is attempting to write a book. Yes, I work for myself and am also attempting to write a book. Yikes! BUT…
Right now, I can actually see and feel my limitless potential. My heart and brain (and gut sense too) are on board with my intuitive vision. It feels like it’s time to embrace this potential and SERIOUSLY SHOW UP. When I tap into this, it’s as expansive as the feeling of shifting from 10 to 100, or even 1,000,000! I have access to everything I need. All I had to do was begin. And I have.
How’d I do that?
I started small:

  • I fixed the toque that needed mending
  • I sent the emails I was meaning to send
  • I called the friend I’ve been thinking of
  • I created rituals of self care like taking vitamins, bringing movement into my day, taking baths, early to bed, etc. … (psst: having daily rituals means I get to ‘finish’ a few things EVERY DAY and feel awesome about it.)

Then I started getting more brave and took on bigger things:

  • I leapt off a bit of a financial cliff, trusted it, and purchased a year long membership at the community yoga studio, and have gone to classes at least 3 times a week since then – thanks OmTown!
  • I cleaned and cleared out all the rooms in my house to create spaciousness (OMG, so helpful for my mental and emotional health)
  • I lept off another financial cliff, trusted it, and signed up for a course I’ve had my eye on that will help me with my business (Becky Keen, you are a goddess)
  • I developed the workshops that people have been asking me to host (spoiler alert: I’ll tell you about these intuition workshops later in this newsletter)

Basically, I routinely ask my intuition for what needs to happen next to move me forward in life, and then I settle in and make it happen. And that doesn’t mean I’m always busy; I’m often guided to nap or take a bath. I LOVE THAT.
Like I’m unstoppable. There’s an inner strength I haven’t felt within me in years. I’m on a roll, and the momentum is MOVING. There’s a fire in my solar plexus that is burning chaos clean. 
I’m less distracted by stuff around me that needs attention because it has already been taken care of. This means less anxious vibrations in my body, and more of a sense of stable grounding under my feet. 
My mental space has become much more clear and calm. 
I’m more attuned to my intuition and how to move myself forward in life. I’m feeling aligned; I’ve got clarity on who I am, where I’m going, and how to get there (and when to take a relaxing bath).
This expansiveness and positive action forward brings more opportunity for spontaneous joy, and for feeling connected to myself, my community, and my spirit. I like referring to this as heart-centered intentional living!
All of that leads me to an existence that has enough spaciousness in it to deal with whatever fears, doubts, inner critic voices show up that try to keep me small. I can still hear these parts of myself, but they are no longer driving the bus, so to speak.

“We do not have to improve ourselves, we just have to let go of what blocks our heart.”

— Jack Kornfield

If I’ve learned anything in this life it’s that I can choose between fear or love. This year, I choose love. I choose grace. I will thank my fear for showing up, and I’ll show it love by moving forward, stepping off that cliff of safety and security, and pushing –or flying– forward innovatively and FINISHING AMAZING IDEAS.
For anyone out there thinking, “Gosh, I could use some of that in my life. I feel like I’m driving in circles reacting to everything and everyone, and not arriving anywhere.”… 
I’ve got you covered. Well, Marie Kondo can help you tidy up your space, but I can help you step toward your limitless potential by helping you connect with your own unique and innate wisdom. Your intuition.
READY? I hope so, because I’m willing to bet your intuition is waiting for you.
Up next: I’ve got two programs coming up to help you connect to your intuition.



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