Every Little Bit Counts


I took my son to school this morning, and on a whim, asked my dog to hop in the car too.

I figured she deserved a forest stroll since the mountain bike rides I’ve done recently have been too far in distance for her to join me.

I didn’t have that much time, but I recognized that, truly, every little bit counts.

She LOVED the trails, the smells, the mud, and the occasional other humans and dogs we crossed paths with.

Who am I to say that a forest walk has to be at least an hour, or a certain number of kilometres? It seems as silly as suggesting that a walk needs to be 3,751 breaths to be … to be what? Why am I out here?

To be.

To connect with nature.

To create space in my head.

To move my body.

To share loving time with my dog.

To breathe it all in.

Every little bit counts.


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