Fresh Routine

I’m sitting at my desk in my home office, a new-to-me space since we’re now living in a new home in a different town. I gaze out the large window behind my laptop screen, the morning light soft and neutral. 

Soft and neutral is a good way to describe all the things this morning, including how I feel.

The easy-freshness of the new year. The potential of what is coming, waiting patiently to be discovered, with no rush or force.

The space I have for myself, with my son back in school after a year of home schooling, and my husband back at work after a year of adventuring together. 

The newness of my own morning routines, eager to become known to me. 

Space. Alone. 

Spending time by myself is something I was once told is the only way I can truly feel like myself. Being alone is like a blank slate, especially for an intuitive. Being empathic and sensing the energy of others is not bothersome, nor does it tire me; it’s like a beautiful dye that tints the waters of my awareness and being. If I am by myself, the water is clear, my awareness not affected by others. It is then that I’m most capable of restoring my energy. Not just unplugging, but actively rejuvenating, recharging and processing things.

I feel the neutrality, the softness, as I sit here, typing this, casually sipping my chai tea, feeling flecks of black pepper tickling my tongue with spiciness. 

I start anew. In this space. At my desk. Looking out the window at the soft and neutral morning light. A fresh routine.



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