How amazing and miraculous is it that your body can repair itself, in the background, while you aren’t even aware of it?!

My dad had this happen to him a few years back, where his body grew a new bypass around a blockage in the arteries supplying his heart. Pretty unbelievable!

I mean, the fact that the body ‘knows’ it needs to heal something physical before you know there’s even a problem is a miracle in and of itself, let alone the actual healing it can provide itself, all without you even sneaking suspicion.

So if this is happening in the body in the background, without our direct awareness, and we believe this to be true because of the hard evidence out there (current medical technology proving cool shit like this), then is it possible we can we also extend this trust in something like the Universe, or collective energies all around us?

Could it be that the Universe is also trying to heal us in the background, without our even knowing it? Trying to get us aligned with what we need, when and where we need it? Over and over, trying to conspire WITH US, to help us heal?

Part of me wants to give myself a tad more credit here, not just being an innocent bystander to the magic of life. So I like to believe that the energy that is me is more than simply my consciousness, more than my thoughts, more than the ‘me’ I think I am. If I believe I am soul, I am spirit and I am even the Universe… What then?

When people say ‘you create your own reality,’ I guess this is one way for me to reflect on this. If my essence is micro and macro and everything in between, the most expansive parts of my energy is collaborating with my consciousness to constantly create what I am bumping into here and now on this earth, in this life. The little you (ego, etc.) has some control and will power, but the YOU that is universal has some pretty big magic in some very deep pockets.

I trust in that.

I am magic.

I am love.



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