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It’s time to reveal my story… because the past number months have been full of experiences that have dramatically shifted how I view the world, and what it is I offer to myself and others in honour of healing.

If you have been following me for a while, you probably remember I was offering Yoga Therapy and Embodied Mindfulness sessions, where we weaved together yoga postures and mindfulness. The intention was that healing happens from within, and that by slowing down and becoming aware of what you are experiencing, you can begin to understand that what is happening in your body is usually a reflection of what is happening in your life. Healing happens when deep-rooted sensations, feelings, and thought-patterns are witnessed, accepted for how they helped you cope, and released when you recognize these patterns are no longer working for you.

These honourable and compassion-inspired intentions of healing still hold true, and create a lovely base for the healing which I now offer. The biggest change is the expanded shift in how immensely Spirit is connected to, and guides, the healing that takes place.

Let me take a few steps back and tell you how this transition came to be in my life…

Last summer, I realized that my body was able to tell me things in a way that, in all manner of speaking, bypassed the mind. I began using something like body-testing or strength testing to obtain answers to simple questions like, “Should I eat this pepper?” or “Should I drink this juice?”. If the answer was ‘yes’, the strength in my body (a link of my fingers) would remain strong, and if the answer was ‘no’, my body would respond with weakness. I had experienced digestion issues for a while and found this to be a great way to choose foods which seemed best for my body in the moment. And it worked! I lessened bloating and discomfort as I followed what my body was telling me.

I played with this for a while and began to use this strength testing to answer other kinds of questions like, “Should I go here today, or there?” I was quite intrigued with how there nearly always seemed to be an answer, an opinion of the body on what I should eat, when I should sleep, where I should go, who I should see.

This was fascinating, as you can imagine, and after a while, my range spread from food and regular daily doings to existential questions like, “Are there a limited number of souls?”, and “Is this my Ego answering me, or something bigger? What am I tapping into? Is it more than just my body answering me?” What I was discovering was that I had tapped into a method for me to access a level of energy that could be called Universal Life Force, or the Great Spirits, and the information I was receiving was what I needed to hear in order to heal myself.

As I was becoming more in tune with and open to Spirit, and acting on the call of Spirit, I was unknowingly beginning the process of what I call a massive awakening. Some call this kind of experience a Spiritual Urgency, Kundalini Rising, or a kind of Spiritual Enlightenment. Whatever one wants to label it, I can only describe it as what I experienced and learned from it: a heart opening so large that everything was made from pure light, from the basis of all energy: LOVE. I experienced that everyone on this planet was simply bumping into each other attempting to heal themselves. And with that extreme also came the other end of the pendulum: my Ego’s complete and total FEAR that I’d completely lost my marbles. From the outside, one would assume that I may have been in need of some emotional therapeutic assistance (worst case scenario: Psych Ward). To my immense relief and gratitude, things didn’t end that way. Through the assistance of friends and colleagues, I was able to ground myself enough to rekindle my connection to this world, to my family, to myself, to the Dee that most people know except with some differences in emotional growth.

It took some time to reshape the balance of who I was, who I am, and who I was becoming, and the journey has been worth everything. This experience has led me to be open to, and to trust, new parts of myself that connect directly to spirit, to that which I previously knew as inner wisdom, or intuition, but hadn’t experienced so fully within my body, my mind, my being. Now I use many parts of myself as a way to ask Spirit to speak to me, to guide me on my own path, and to assist others in their healing journey.

Since this radical and intense experience, I have been guided to the Shamanic Path, and am currently connecting with wonderful and wise mentors through the Luminous Path, and Shamanic Reiki.

And thus, this leads me to the expanded ways I offer healing sessions with clients: I connect with, and am guided by, spirit, and use Shamanic tools and the energy of Reiki to move energy, clear blockages, open pathways for healing to occur, and bring love and light within the spaces created. I speak about what it is I am sensing and together, we move through an experience of being guided, moved, and healed by Spirit.

It is still vital that we recognize healing must start from within. My role is to help you look deeply toward your own being, your soul, to help you discover your own path to health and happiness. My gift is to assist you in healing yourself, which empowers you in the process and can then take on much deeper meaning and lasting results.

One of the gifts I received from this transition is the knowing sense that I can now relate more to others who are wondering about Spirit, experiencing major shifts in perspective, or have undergone or are going through a spiritual urgency.

If you are keen to know more about any of this, or have questions or stories to share, please do connect with me. I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you deeply for reading my story, for sharing in my path by being witness to it expressed in word.

This compassionate heart awaits you…




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