Take Your Time

Patience is not typically my thing.

I’m not sure if that’s cuz I’m an Aries, or what.

My typical motto is, “Get’er done, and be done with it.”

But when spaciousness and patience is needed, I get the nudge from Spirit to “TAKE YOUR TIME.”

It helps me pause or wait, knowing I can’t really do anything to speed things up.

I might be wrecking the natural unfolding of things by trying to force it, rush it, or fix it NOW. 

It was a holiday here in Canada yesterday, and my mind wanted to do all the things, get caught up, go outside and ‘catch up’ on all the things. 

My body said, ‘No thanks.’

It felt like I needed time to recover. I needed the pause. If I forced it, I’d probably get sick.

So, I stayed in my jammies all day, napped, drank tea, and only ventured outside once to take the dog for her nightly walk.  

This isn’t just about self care.

It’s about allowing space for what wants to unfold, in due time.

It’s about being in the place of not-knowing long enough for you to get to the place of knowing, simply by having given it space.

This feels like it’s really important, especially for many of us who get wrapped up in the cultural norm of high speed productivity.




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