Where’s the White Stuff?

You’d think as a West Coast gal, I’d be keen to see the sun shine, I’d be happy to notice the snow rapidly melting, and I’d get excited to swap my toque (winter hat) for a ball cap. By mid February, I usually look forward to the cherry blossoms, the green, lush forest trails, and the opportunity to wear shorts while the rest of the country can’t see any signs of spring for a while yet.

But I’m not on the coast right now. We’re here in the Kootenays to ski. We’re only halfway through our three-month stay. There are still 45 days left of skiing before we pack up and move to the next place. 


I’m not the only one wishing for truth behind the groundhog’s prediction of six more weeks of winter. The locals say it’s been a fairly ‘dry’ month, when it comes to precipitation. This isn’t typical of the place that gets powder, and a lot of it, on the regular (remember how it snowed 62cm/24 inches in ONE NIGHT early in January?!). Nelson’s snow reputation as part of the ‘Powder Highway’ is well known all over North America. The elusive powder is a common theme of chairlift conversations as we gaze down at the firm, and sometimes icy snow slopes.

So…. Where’s the snow?

The good news is that snow is in the forecast. Not a ton of it, but hopefully, by next week, we’ll be floating on our skis again while I’m attempting to dial in my skills as I weave through the trees, and play in the moguls.

Until then, we continue to embrace this adventure with homeschooling, work, cross country skiing, indoor climbing, and superhero movies. Not particularly in that order.  



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