Anyone else?

Apparently, we’ve met nearly everyone we ‘know’ or ‘knew’ on the chairlift at the ski hill. 

Back story fill-in can be found on the blog I wrote in late February called ‘chairlift synchronicities’. 

Today, we added yet another person to our list of folks we knew 13 years ago and whom we bumped into on the chairlift. 

I didn’t recognize this woman at first. Ski goggles and masks hide more than a lot. 

But as we started to small talk, we quickly put the pieces together and discovered our connection. 

Not only did she come to our house for dinner in Nelson, 13 years ago, but she also came to our wedding that summer. 

You may be thinking, ‘Well, sure, you’re bound to meet people from Nelson on the chairlift.

Here’s the twist: She doesn’t live in Nelson anymore. She had to drive a few hours to get to the hill.

The odds that we’d be skiing the same day are not that far off, given we ski 4-5 days a week.

But the odds that she would share a seat with us on a busy chairlift are slim.

I feel like these chance meetings are not so random. It’s like the Universe is trying to hook us up with as many people we knew as possible.

There’s only one more couple we have yet to reconnect with. They were also at our wedding. If we don’t see them before the end of March, I feel like it’s okay because we magically bumped into them at the Provincial Park (where we got married) three years ago, when we were passing through town on a summer road trip. 

Sometimes I feel like I am a magnet for meeting people I need to connect with. 

Super power? 

I think so.



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