Giving & Receiving

Given I’m feeling called to include a Shamanic Journey each morning in my daily ritual, I sat down on the purple yoga mat in the center of Grandma Rose’s living room while the rest of my family tended to breakfast.

I took a deep breath, and then began to set an intention for my journey when Spirit interrupted by moving my head to the left, indicating ‘no’. 

“I’m not supposed to journey?” I asked my intuition. 

“No,” said Spirit.

“What am I supposed to do?” I inquired.

I got that familiar tingling feeling in the right side of my head, which means that someone else’s spirit guide wants to come into my energy to offer me something. I nodded, giving permission, happy to go on a different intuitive adventure than a Shamanic Journey.

A light, yet powerful energy flooded into my body, inviting my hands to reach out in front of me, palms facing up. I saw a tray in my inner vision. My body was making the gesture of holding out a tray for someone.

I kept hearing the same words in my mind: “TO GIVE. TO GIVE. TO GIVE.”

This makes me think of Grandma Rose, my mother-in-law, who is always giving to others, at the very least by means of ample homemade food.

I had the suspicion that my own balance of giving and receiving may be a bit off kilter. Or maybe a lot.

If I give all the time, and am not open to receiving, then I’m creating an imbalance in my own energy. It’s not really sustainable, in energetic terms.

I retreated back to my inner vision, which was showing me the flow of energy ‘leaking’ out of two hands, both offering outwardly. The tray was held by two hands. Then, the vision switched to one hand holding the same tray, and the other hand shifting position, opening to be able to receive. 


Seeing one hand holding the tray and the other opening to receive surprised me. I realized the feeling and look of the tray didn’t change – all that abundant giving can simply be offered through one hand! 

The other hand, even though it was now positioned to receive, didn’t feel like there was much of a flow of energy coming in (probably ‘cuz I don’t receive from others that much or that often – it ain’t broke, it’s just not well oiled). I asked Spirit to amplify the energy coming toward me for me to receive. To bring me as much energy as I allow through me toward others. 

As the energy in my receiving hand seemed to warm up, Spirit invited my body into a deep bow of gratitude. It felt like a valid part of the equation. 

I wondered how to tangibly create more receiving in my life, and Spirit nudged me toward the ‘recipe’ that unfolded during this brief time kneeling on the purple yoga mat: 

1) Ask for what you need. (Hint: You can be general or specific with your intentions).
2) Be open to receive it. (Hint: lessen your doubts, as it will make the universe more likely to deliver).
3) Send gratitude for anything that comes your way. (Hint: Release expectations of specific outcomes, so you can be grateful for anything that shows up).



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