Not So Close

Spirit suggested that I do a short Shamanic Journey each morning for the next little while. Add a new, brief ritual to the list of things I do each morning.
If you don’t know what a Shamanic Journey is, it’s like an inner vision stream of consciousness. Kind of like a daydream, except that you set an intention around what you’d like to receive within the journey. Then what unfolds within your vision may have meaning or symbolism for you to reflect on. Shamanic Journeys can also offer you energetic healing, but that topic is for another day.

Here’s what came up in my Shamanic Journey this morning: 
A large bird forms in my mind’s eye.  It’s not the eagle that normally accompanies me on my Shamanic Journeys.
I realize its feathers are white and grey, with some brown too. It’s kind of flying, but not really. It’s hard to tell. My face, my awareness, seems too close to the feathers of the wing to tell. It takes me a minute, but I realize it’s an owl.
Part of the message I’m deciphering in the moment is that my awareness is too close to the owl in my vision. It’s like I’m stuck on the back of one wing, noticing the feathers and the colours, but not able to see the whole bird to know what it is for sure.
This means my focus or perspective is not expansive enough to be able to see the bigger picture of what’s happening.
This message 100% relates to what’s happening in my life right now: We’re still hopping from place to place in Alberta, visiting family, and I’m seemingly stuck in the immediate moment, reacting to what’s in my face rather than stepping back a few paces and recognizing what’s coming before it ‘hits’ me. This reminds me of a common tip I’ve received from skiing and mountain biking instructors: LOOK AHEAD. If I am only focused on what’s right before me, I can’t prepare for what’s up ahead of that. Reacting to things right in front of me, over and over again, can be exhausting. And I never quite feel like I catch up.
I ask the owl to show me what I need. It lands on a steady branch on a large tree. It finds stillness. It looks around with its rotating neck. Spirit says, “SAVE ENERGY. BE STILL. SIT ON THE BRANCH. LET THINGS COME TO YOU. YOU’RE FLYING RANDOMLY AND HAPHAZARDLY TRYING TO SEE WHAT’S HERE IN FRONT OF YOU. STOP WASTING ENERGY. BE STILL. LOOK AROUND. YOU’LL SEE WHAT YOU NEED TO SEE. STOP WASTING ENERGY. FLY ONLY WHEN GUIDED TO.”
Seems like sage advice. Now to put it into tangible action. I ask, “Spirit, how do I do this?”
I think about this for a moment and realize stillness can be found anywhere, if I desire to connect with it. I’ll keep this in mind today, and create some space to be able to see and feel what’s coming rather than flit about trying so hard.



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