The Sun & The Raven

It’s not sunny today. It’s cold and rainy. I’m sitting here asking the energy of the sun if it has anything to offer me and I’m finding it challenging to tap in because I’m cold and it’s dark.

Spirit says, “That’s the point. It’s easier to tap into the warmth and the light when it’s already light and warm. It can be harder to tap into the light when it’s not right there. Try again.”

So, I try again. I can see faded orange behind my closed eye lids. It’s a reminder to see with the lens of the love of the sun rather than through the lens of old patterns, through constriction, and through stubborn, long-lived limitations.

Raven is here again, in my inner vision, reminding me he poked out my eyes in a shamanic journey the other day. “I remember,” I say to him. He stands beside me and uses his wings to push my face out toward the world happening before me. “Then use your other vision,” he nudges.

I try again. I think to myself, ‘With the lens of the sun, with love, what do I see?’ I close my eyes. I can see a word appearing, spread out:

‘ E V E R Y T H I N G ‘

I am reminded of how I saw everything with the lens of love when I was within my shamanic initiation years ago. Back then, and now, I can only describe it as some form of enlightened existence, showing me the loving energy of everything within and around me.

The Raven says, “Yeah, just like that. Do that again.”

“I can’t seem to get it,” I respond.

“Don’t try so hard,” he says.

“There must be something else to this other than not trying so hard,” I implore.

“No, really. It’s that simple,” he says. “Try it again.”

I try again. I ask myself and Spirit to help release my efforts of trying, and just allow me to see with the lens of love.

I feel soft expansion in my body, my being. My unconscious efforts to ‘squint’ seem to release. I feel other layers of constriction fade, the expansion feeling more spacious and soft than my previous ‘efforts of trying’.

A real Raven makes a sound outside my rain-stained window. I see him fly onto the black wires across the street. His friend joins him to make two.

I close my eyes again.

I hear and feel the rain outside more deeply. The rain says to me, “It’s all love.”

Raven Spirit adds some guidance, “Now, bring this into the rest of your day today. And then do it again tomorrow. Let go, and see things as they truly are. The Sun is actually EVERYWHERE.”



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