Chairlift Synchronicities

I seem to meet the best kind of people. 

Some are friends from Vancouver Island (home) who send me cards like the one above stating that they “miss being awesome with me!” Or the friend who mailed us a box of loving objects including a bag of Cheesies and hazelnuts from her tree.

Some people I meet once and have a wonderful exchange, but never see again. Like the folks from Ottawa who are also taking a year off, both of us wishing each other continued fun adventures.

Some people come back after more than a decade, both of us recognizing each other with surprise and joy. 

This last one has happened REPEATEDLY during our time here in Nelson, and most often either in the chairlift line up, or on the chairlift ride itself, sharing a seat! 

How am I meeting people I haven’t seen in more than a decade? And more importantly, what are the odds that we end up on the same chair, at the same ski hill on the same day?

We lived here in Nelson 13 years ago. Spent eight months hanging out. Got married here. AND, THE ODDS ARE STUPID-LOW.

Here are a few examples of what I’m talkin’ ’bout:

My new ski instructor approached, and I stared for a second and then said, “Wait. Didn’t we go camping together 13 years ago with a dog named Bowser?” Yes.

I was listening to a couple sharing the chairlift with us as they chatted about per diem’s for a hotel stay. From the other side of the chair, I jokingly said, “We should be friends if you’re getting a free hotel.” A few superficial comments back and forth and then the woman said, “JEEEZUZ, are you DEE?!?!” She and I worked together in Banff for two months back in 2005.

Standing in the chair lift line up, waiting for the first run, I turned to my left and saw a woman who, coincidentally, also camped 13 years ago with me and the other woman and the dog named Bowser. 

I have a new friend who I like to ski with who knows an old friend of mine from high school (who also lives and skis here in Nelson). This new friend keeps suggesting that I know more people here than she does and I don’t even live here. In some ways it feels true. I know a lot of folks here! She’s also trying to convince me that we should move here, you know, since I already know everyone. I won’t deny the inviting nature of that. Sometimes making new friends is hard.

For now, I recognize I’m not replacing the friends I have at home, I’m just adding to my bucket of ‘cool folks I know.’

You guys are the best.



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