Not only did I wake up to a (very welcomed) white wonderland when pulling back the curtains, but Spirit’s intention for me today was an emphatic, ‘PLAY! PLAY! PLAY!’

I figured our time at the ski hill with ample new snow would be pretty fun. And it did not disappoint.

We’ve been waiting for days like this: 21cm of fresh, fluffy white stuff. The kind of thing Whitewater Ski Resort is famous for.

For me, when the snow is soft and deep, it’s easier to hit the harder, steeper terrain. 

And so we did.

Toss a few black diamond trails into the mix with my first ever double black diamond

FYI for those non-skiers, a double black diamond is the kind of place you’d never, ever imagine venturing toward with two skis strapped to your feet because you are pretty sure you would poop yer pants.

Like, really f*#king steep with lots of trees to dodge.

I can honestly say I enjoyed it.


In looking back over the last two months, I realize consistency in skiing most days means I have gained some valid skillz and real confidence. 

Cue celebratory “Hooooraaahhhhhhh!”

Two months down, one month to go. 

Nelson has been good to us so far.



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