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My new logo has arrived, and I LOVE it. Thanks to Michelle at Fresh Design, here on the West Coast, for bringing this to life.  

In January’s newsletter, I’m not sure if you noticed, but I was on FIRE. Burning things clean, and moving forward in many ways.

The good news: I’M STILL ON FIRE. 

On social media last week, I spoke about people in our lives that seem to drain our energy, and promised to show you newsletter subscribers how to cut your energetic cords.

A promise is a promise, and I believe I said that I would share that here within this newsletter by Friday. And today is FRIDAY. There’s nothing like a publicly-stated deadline to get a fire under my bottom to get it done. So here it is…

Energetic cords, what are they?

It’s a link of energy between you and another being, where there is an energetic dependency between you. Yeah, I know, this doesn’t sound super… helpful.

We all know how it feels to be around someone who sucks your energy.

Why are they doing that?

They don’t consciously do it on purpose, but they are commanding your attention and your energy to validate their feelings or release/balance out their energy. They are depending on your energy to help them, and the weird thing is that it may not actually be helpful to them because they might be feeding their unhealthy mindset stories and setting them even more concretely in stone. 

Okay, you’re convinced this isn’t helpful. Now, you’re probably wondering, “How do I stop them from doing this?”

You can’t stop them from sucking energy, but you can stop yourself from being drained.

First, think of someone you know who drains you. Yep, we’ve all got at least one. Every time you hang out with this person, they talk and talk and talk, or they have super heavy vibes that just bring you down.

Consider this situation visually: Close your eyes and picture yourself sitting in a cafe with this person, or wherever you may typically see them. And then imagine an energetic cord connecting you to them.

Let your imagination run loose with this one. Even if you think you’re making this up. Roll with it. Can you see a cord? Where does it attach to you? How thick is it? How does it make you feel?

If you can clearly see this cord in your mind’s eye, it’s probably STILL CONNECTED TO YOU EVEN THOUGH THAT PERSON IS NOT STANDING IN FRONT OF YOU. Does this creep you out? It’s okay, it’s time to release the connection, and it will benefit you both. Here’s how:


1) Set your intention: “To cut the energetic cord between me and _____.”

2) Close your eyes, relax, connect to your body, and see within your mind’s eye (use your imagination) where that cord may be attached to you. 

3) Cut the cord. WHAT? Yes, cut it. Cut it with your hand as though it’s a sharp knife. Cut it with your imaginary samurai warrior sword. You name it, it’s gonna cut it. 

That’s it? It’s that simple?


And if you want to add one extra step, you can bring your hand to the place on your body where you cut that cord, and offer some love or light energy as a healing salve or ‘band aid’. 

And, you’re done. 

Close your eyes once more and imagine being with that person that drains you, knowing the cord has been cut. How does it feel now?


Okay, so what now?

I recommend cutting all your energetic cords on a routine basis.

Wait a sec, did she say cut my cords with EVERYONE? 

Yep, I did. If you have an energetic cord with anyone, even your loved ones, it means one or both of you are dependent upon the other in some energetic way. If you clean your slate, regularly, you can maintain your own energetic aura, and connect with others through LOVE rather than through dependency. 

Give it a try. See how it feels.

I have been known do this fairly regularly. Once it’s done, I feel lighter, more at ease, and I even feel like I stand taller. It’s pretty cool. 

And the next time you run into your energy-sucking friend, see if something has shifted. If not, cut the cord again. 

Good luck, cord cutters!



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