Slice of Advice

Need a slice of advice from Spirit?

Have you tried using oracle cards?
It’s a deck of cards with images or symbols, usually accompanied by a booklet for deeper meaning and significance.
Before I randomly select a card, I usually set some kind of intention, like, ‘Please show me what I need to see today.’
Then pick a card.
See if anything stands out when I look at it.
Read the booklet for added significance.
That’s it! 
Is there a message for you in these cards?
Over the last few weeks, I’ve been pulling a card each morning as a daily ritual. It’s been fun to see what kinds of messages I get for my day. 
These three cards have great significance to me. Before I explain why…
Take a look below and see if anything stands out to you. 
Notice any words that come to mind, or memories, or more. 
What message is your intuition trying to show you?
(The cards and the booklet quotes are from the oracle deck called ‘Tarot of the Divine’ by Yoshi Yoshitani)
The Queen of Cups represents the surface of the subconscious. The goddess Yemoja connects those on land to the depth of the spiritual plane. She is mysterious but also a kind and caring mother. Femininity, warmth, empathy, a counselor, intuition.
The Two of Coins represents the skill needed to balance opposing forces in life. For Rhpisunt, the bear world and the human world collide. She embodies the dualities of work and family, hobbies and careers, and wants versus needs. Multitasking, balance, choice, flexibility, prioritization.
The Three of Coins represents learning from one another. The fierce Banjhakri and Banjhakrini teach their apprentice how to become a shaman. They are demanding teachers, but their student is dedicated. All three put in hard work that pays off with the success of a new generation. Studying, growth, collaboration, success, recognition.
These three cards represent themes related to my role in my next group offering, called Embrace Your Intuition. The cards represent what will come of our shared time together, to those who join. 
This is what Spirit has to offer:
I am to let Yemoja guide us toward intuition, femininity, and deep, compassionate healing.
I am to let Rhpisunt guide us toward creating balance in all areas of life, between doing and being. 
And, I am to let Banjhakri and Banjhakrini guide us in collaborative shamanic ways toward connecting each of us with our empowered soul essence. 
Does this spark something for you? Keen to know more?



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Slice of Advice

Need a slice of advice from Spirit? Have you tried using oracle cards? It’s a deck of cards with images or symbols, usually accompanied by

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