Everything is a Circle

I’ve been playing with a new morning ritual as a way to set my intentions for the day and to receive guidance from my intuition before I get caught up in what usually rules my day: busy-ness. 

I stand before all of my beads, oracle decks, books, sweetgrass, and other special objects. Then I let Spirit guide me as to what is invited to become part of my altar for the day. I am shown what things need to be in the forefront, to remind me of the messages and guidance I might need as I weave into and out of the moments of the next 24 hours. 

Today’s altar consists of two cards from an animal spirit oracle deck, a white raven and a hawk. Both have particular significance for me. The two bird cards have been on my altar for the last few days, reminding me of the magic that is all around, the balance of yin and yang in all things, and that Spirit is definitely, and always, here to help guide me. As I type this, a massive bald eagle gracefully soars in the sky just above my window: A tangible sign amplifying this message for me today.

Also invited to my alter is a turquoise beaded bracelet. When Spirit nudged me to pick this up to place it within this sacred space for today, I heard the words in my mind, ‘Everything is a circle.

I held the bracelet in my hand and saw that the two ends were connected by black thread, an obvious and clear connection point. Someone had to tie this together, and if the black thread wasn’t there, the beads couldn’t become this bracelet. I am reminded of how Spirit needs us humans to take the ends of the string (showing up in literal ways) and connect them together. Spirit can only do so much to bring together the people, the energies, the things that are most aligned. There is so much energetic ‘planning’ happening in the background to help guide the right folks together at the right time, and once that time, that moment is here then the rest is left to us. 

We are what is needed to allow the circle to come together, to allow the aligned and tangible experiences to unfold. Spirit needs us as much as we need Spirit. 

I’ve been thinking about the programs I run, helping people tap into their own intuition. In the past, when this Spirit stuff was new to me, I used to think I had to create the program, plan the program, sell the program, and then follow through delivering the predetermined plan. The design, the foundation, and the building all falling within what made sense to me. Don’t worry, magic still happened, despite my rigidity. 

These days, I know this program, this gathering of souls, is bigger and more expansive than any plan I could ever create with my mind. If I am to honour the most aligned sacred moments, experiences and outcomes, I can let Spirit gather the beads, the people, the essences of what needs to come together. All I have to do is pay attention to what is showing up, and then receive guidance on what threads to pick up, what beads to string, and expansively connect the circle. If I let my mind totally drive this program, it would limit the beads, the magical opportunities for people to gather with me, and I might constrict the connection of the circle. The bracelet’s most aligned connection may get missed or limited by my own desire to control the process.

Today’s message is related to what’s going on for me now: I have a group program beginning in January, and the foundational details of when, where, and how have been set up and listed on my website for the last month or more. Because I am listening, I am aware of what is here, and I am open to letting this come into form as it needs to, not as I need it to, I realized the people, the beads, coming together, they are asking for something slightly different than what’s been set up. I know and trust that their requests to tweak what is being offered are like messages from Spirit, invitations from their soul essence, asking me to change and shift this offering so it becomes most aligned for everyone involved. 

Synchronistically, this message today of daily ritual, of allowing, of being in the flow of receiving guidance along the path, of expanding and creating balance within and around you — it’s the true foundation of what will happen in this offering wanting to come into form.

If this sparks something within you, connect with me. You may be one of the beads in this circle, this bracelet coming together.



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