Back at home, it takes me about 45 minutes to shave our medium-sized Golden Doodle pooch.

I have special clippers just for her, and she endures the procedure fairly well every two to three months.

It’s been more than a few months since her last ‘do’. She’s a hairy beast. 

She looks cuter than ever, but I know underneath all that fuzzy cuteness are mats and dreadlocks that probably don’t feel that good close to her skin. 

I thought about forking over a hundred bucks for a local professional to do it while we are on our adventure. 

But then I figured Wanaka would probably be less stressed out if I just do it myself. 

So, I brought out the scissors, and spent two hours giving her a massive hair cut. 

Evidence of her hair cut this time around got molded into a Wanaka-shaped rug. Pic above, in case that isn’t obvious.

She always smiles a little brighter after she’s been lightened up (I feel like I put a pound of fur in the garbage). 

Plus, she gets a stinky fish treat after each spa treatment, so she’s probably putting on the smile with drooling anticipation. 

We’ll revisit the scissors in June.



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