I knew sooner or later I’d have to suck it up and do my tax prep. It’s not due until late April, but every year from February on, with every passing week, the thought of doing my taxes gets heavier.

Yesterday’s fresh snow on the ski hill left me sore and satiated, so before bed last night, I had decided I’d stay home today and attempt the dreaded task of getting all my tax info together for my accountant.

As I sipped my coffee, and dug into the daily Wordle puzzle, I realized that the Universe, and Wordle, were my tax prep cheerleaders.


I even double-checked if this should be my theme today by asking Spirit for an intention, and Spirit said, “Fucus, duh.”


Little did I know all my Wordle guesses would also apply to today’s task:

I hunkered down at my desk with house party tunes showering me with energy from my little speaker. 
I stepped into the grind. I opened all the files. I moved through the process thoughtfully.
I ate snacks. But steered clear of the mini-eggs, thankfully.
I had a lot of focus.

And I got ‘er done.

I wonder if the people behind Wordle will unknowingly continue to help set intentions for my day, or if that was a one-off deal?



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