Kindess & Grounding


Shortly after I began my forest walk with Wanaka, I crossed paths with a dear friend of mine who offered me some essential oil to my wrist. Its earthly scent helped to calm me, bring me closer to the earth.

A man came across our path and spoke softly for a moment before gently, lovingly touching my shoulder as I bent down to pet Wanaka. And with that he was gone.

Kindness in the smallest of gestures. Keenly aware, genuinely grateful.

Near the end of my time in the forest, I felt the need to ground even more. In my mind’s eye, I saw myself taking off my shoes and walking the rest of the way along the forest path in bare feet. So I followed the guidance.

It was glorious. Cold, wet and earthy. I kept some of the forest floor on my feet as I pulled on my socks at the car.

Kindness from others, from the forest, and toward my own being.

Be kind.

Be love.



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